Your new Pineridge Builders home comes with a 7 year limited warranty. 


This warranty involves 3 times that you can inspect your new home from the PDI -a pre delivery inspection before you take possession,  then a home owner inspection within 30 days from possession and within 365 days of possession.

Deposit protection:   It also protects your deposit up to $40,000 (2013).  See www.tarion.ca  for more details.

The Tarion set fee for warranty is in addition to building costs.

All the various details about this warranty can be found at  www.tarion.ca  and some pertinent excerts from it as follows:


Tarion Warranty Corporation is a private corporation that was established in 1976 to protect the rights of new home buyers and regulate new home builders.

Tarion is responsible for administering the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act  (law) , which outlines the warranty protection that new home and condominium builders must provide, by law, to their customers.
The primary purpose of Tarion is to ensure that builders abide by this legislation, and to step in to protect consumers when builders fail to fulfill their warranty obligations.
Tarion is financed entirely by builder registration, renewal and home enrolment fees.

The Role of Tarion

As the regulator of Ontario’s new home building industry, Tarion registers new home builders and vendors, enrols new homes for warranty coverage, investigates illegal building practices, resolves warranty disputes between builders/vendors and homeowners, and promotes high standards of construction among Ontario’s new home builders. Tarion also works with the building industry to help educate new home buyers about their warranty rights, and about how to protect and maintain their warranty.
 DEPOSIT PROTECTION: Deposits paid for (not condominiums) new homes are protected up to a maximum of $40,000.
What does a new home warranty cover? New home owners benefit from One Year Warranty Protection and Two Year Warranty Protection against defects in work and materials, and Seven Year Warranty Protectionagainst major structural defects (MSD).Warranty coverage begins on the date of possession of a home or condominium unit, and remains in effect until the end of the warranty period, even if the home is sold before the warranty expires.